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18 March 2014

Lets fall in love with MeO's ♡

Hi guys! Long time never been up here lately...I was kinda lack of inspiration in blogging these days which I really don't know why -.-
Alright, today not about any travel or event post. Today is about skincare ^^ Like yea...I been trying alot of new products recently...Well, I enjoy so much in testing new things thou *wink* After trying, for sure I would like to share it here as another option for you :)
I think is not strange anymore to see I write about MeO products. It is of the leading brand of  cosmeceutical in this field.
Thanks again to Le'more Clothes for supplying me Meo products all this while. Its so far had my good comment on it.

From left: Derma Vitalizer aka toner , Cleanser,  Make-up remover 

I don't really use make-up remover in oil type, cause i have a super sensitive skin to oil remover. It is because oil get our pore clog easily. Yet, MeO Rose Hydrating Make-up Remover does an amazing job in remove every make-up included waterproof mascara / eyeliner. It not only an anti clogging pores remover, it is also a product that able to soften blackheads & whiteheads.

Gentle massage all over our face. 

It will turn into milky white form when contacts with water.

It leaves my skin soft and clean with only cleansing with water. I like the rose smells ^^ 

MeO Derma Cleanser Mousse contains a non-ionic surfactants free of grease and chemical flavor, mild, does not irritate the skin and eyes, and effectively maintain the skin's protective film to reduce water copies of the loss, so I do not damage the skin, there will not be a dry tight feeling after use. Unlike cleansing foam or cleansing milk in the market. MeO Cleanser works best on keeping skin hydrate and soft. 

Use with a little water / dry hand and pump 1-2 pump on ur palm. Gently massage truly all over your dry skin until it's 80% dry, add a little water and continue to massage. Nose area or blackheads or whiteheads spots prefer to massage harder. Repeat this 3 times and then rinse with water. 

You will definitely found your skin are freshly cleans and smooth after one wash! It suits all skin type. Non anionic active agent, whitening, soften blackheads. It contains B5 which moisture and enhance cell growing; Non-ionic surfactant which allows moderate damage.

 Derma Vitalizer (Toner) Suit all skin type, no alcohol base, tighten pores, anti allergy, inflammation.

  • B5: moisturizing, enhanced cell growth
  • Natural active agent: shrink pores
  • Balance the skin, shrink pores
  • Cell activation, rapid moisture
  • Derma Vitalizer (Toner) Suit all skin type, no alcohol base, tighten pores, anti allergy, inflammation
  • Gently close pores, moisturize and irritant-free

Spray it on skin and tap it will do.

Cleaning our face opens our skin pores which can easily induce skin problems. Typically, toner available in themarket contains low percentage of alcohol. Alcohol can contract pores; yet, it can cause irritation and loss of water to give you a dry inelastic feeling. MeO Derma Vitalizer uses non-ionic surfactant for toning our pores with skin pH value close to the same level as our skin normal pH value. It can smoothen and not irritated to our skin.

Using MeO Drama Vitalizer will implent an anti-irritant protection barrier on our skin to allows our skin feeling moisturize; sheilding our skin's intercellular matrix from external environment conditions and preparing our skin to better absorb nourishing and health-beneficial skin products.

MeO products never fails me. Always trust on them :) 

More info : Le'more Clothes
Instagram : lemoreclothes 


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