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27 March 2014

Travel at Chiangmai, Thailand Pt.1

Hi all! Been lost for this while cause I really lack of blogging inspiration..until I found this folder in my album LOL I realised I din't even blog once for Chiangmai since I went there like months ago. So yea, this gonna be another #throwback post. Throwback all the way to the last few months when my first trip to Chiangmai. 

I went to Bangkok for several times yet, but not for Chiangmai. I know its probably another place in Thailand that I won't wanna missed out. 

It surrounded by a ring of mountains, Chiang Mai has a rich and ancient seven hundred year history. You will never be bored in Chiang Mai as there are a plethora of things to do and see! You can tour the old city, visit historic temples, go elephant riding, go nature trekking or visit a hill tribe village. Chiang Mai has a very distinctive culture, arts, festivals, and traditions as well as a thrilling mix of local, ethnic and expatriate communities from all over the world.

Chiang Mai has never been more exciting. In fact, the city has been voted as one of the top destinations to live in Asia and is a modern and cosmopolitan city, but still maintains its traditional old charm. The city is home to over 300 temples dating as far back as the 13th century.

You can drive in any direction for thirty minutes and find many unique and stunning cultural attractions such as museums, ancient ruins, national parks, waterfalls, and mountain trails to name a few. You will never tire of the multitude of diverse delights as Chiang Mai offers something for everyone! Nature lovers, culture aficionados, sports enthusiasts and those who just wish to lie back and be pampered in a luxurious spa will love what Chiang Mai has to offer. 

He is our tour guide from Thailand. 

First stop: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (temple visit) 

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a Theravada Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The temple is often referred to as "Doi Suthep" although this is actually the name of the mountain it is located on.Wikipedia

  • AddressMueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Passion fruit serber ice-cream

    Thumbs up!!

    Fav coconut ^^


    Dinner time! I bet most of you that been to Chiangmai should been here as well :)

    Feel fresh to have dinner in this way :D 

    Day 2
    Always love hotel breakfast! Look how nutritious is mine LOL 

    First stop! Long neck village visit *im super excited about this* 

    Is my pleasure to get chance to visit Long Neck Village. But I was kinda disappointed :( It morel like a street or market that sells hand craft than a real village. I can't see any lifestyle in there. I think most probably is they are getting famous, too many tourist come for photograph hence they start to do business base on it.

    Cute lizard toy from a kid LOL 

    Next stop: Elephant Park 

    The elephants were so intelligent!! They drawn the drawings along with their own name @.@

    Buffalo ride

    Elephant ride. Extremely love this!! Its full of excitement hahahahaha

    Pardon me for less wording here today, im still in 词穷 situation =.=  Take this as a photo album alright? Will continue with another post and will end my Chiangmai travel diary. Thanks for scrolling & reading! Hope you like this post <3 

    Vivian Yuen said...

    Lovely photos, it looks so much fun~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


    Anonymous said...

    What is the name of place you eat dinner at day 1? ^^

    Vicky Goh said...

    Hey pretty, what camera model that u use for all ur photos? Or any photo edit software? I adore ur style!!^^

    Yun Heng Yeoh said...

    Surprisingly!The tour guide is same as the one who guide my trip so many years ago,like 6-7 years ago lol,

    anerly said...

    sorry i can't rmb the place name :( but its quite famous and like a must-go place.
    Vicky: Most of my photos in blog are using Sony -NEX F3 camera and i use photoshop to edit my pictures :)
    Yun Heng: WOW!! hahaha! He is a good tour-guide thou..

    cheryl chan said...

    Seeing your photos remind me of my previous Chiang Mai trip. Great post!

    sgrmse. said...

    these photos are AMAZING! are you doing part 2 soon? also, i have to say that the inability to right-click is somewhat quite annoying, no offense. it's hard to comment on two posts at once and to open outgoing links but still stay on your page at the same time.

    Anonymous said...

    Riding elephants is harmful for their back. Also, these elephants were tortured so that they would behave enough to be able to entertain people. When going to chinag mai, one should not go to these places. You basically pay the people to torture the elephants.

    Tommy Tan said...

    How many day in total for your Chiang Mai trip ?? Your photo tell the stories.. great :)

    En Rui said...

    How to contact tour guide?

    Lee said...

    Agree with Anonymous on the comment as the elephant..... please do not abuse the elephants when you are in Thailand. Animals must not forced to entertain humans - imagine how they suffer while learning tricks to entertain us!!!!!

    Firoz Khan said...

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    Firoz Khan said...

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    Firoz Khan said...

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    Naveen Soni said...

    chiangmai holiday Imagine falling asleep to the symphony of frogs and crickets, then waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. You find yourself cuddled up in the folds of white linen, in the centre of a majestic bed. Looking out the window, you see the sun peeking over the horizon, whilst the fog over the lake gradually rolls back to reveal the glimmering water's surface.

    Shea Kang said...

    Good vibes. Everyday, all day. God Bless :)

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