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10 April 2014

Sheryn's bday celebration at Sip & Chew

It was Sheryn's birthday weeks ago. As usual we girls will have our small celebration dinner :) We was kinda ran out of idea of which restaurant should go ~.~ you know here at Penang not much nice restaurant :/ At the end she decided to have her advance birthday dins at Sip & Chew cafe.

My first time dining here :) Is a small kind of cafe. It can also be restaurant cause they serve western food and sandwiches! 6 of us have all the space that night cause its just us! LOL 
Let's look around at this small and cozy place..


Food time!
Guess I don't need to mention and you probably know what we had @.@ Normal italian x western dish!

Till then, is birthday song singing, cake cutting & unpack pressie time!! 

Lovely green apple cake prepare by Xinxin & Jorise

Pressie from Vivi & me 
Its a lipstick and blusher :) Hope you like it!

Happy girl surrounded by #Chanel hahaha!

We snap too many photos that night >< Can't post it all here! Compiled into 6 lol

To my lovely sis, hope you had a great celebration night with us and hope that you like the gift that we choose it specially for you :) Last but not least, wish that we could celebrate like this every year in the future and we will make it even better each year! May all your wish come true *I guess one of your wish already come true* hehehe you know what I mean *evil* Happy belated birthday to you once again! Err...sorry for posting this so late =.= 

Selfie of the night to end this post!


sgrmse. said...

are you based in penang? (: you've gotta be kidding me if you say there aren't very many nice restaurants in penang, it sure looks like there are quite a fair few from your posts!! thanks for sharing :D

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