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20 April 2014

Girls day - Lone Pine Penang

Hi guys! Tell you what, I haven't been so efficient nowadays~ But I just can't wait to share with y'all about my last weekend with my lovely girls :) We plan a hotel stay weeks ago. At first we wanted to have a short one like 3D2N island trip to Port Dickson...but due to my working time cannot be replace and end up we just got one night hotel stayed :( *doubletriplesadness* We've plan for our next trip anyway LOL

The reason why we choose Lone Pine is that we've been heard so many good feedback from this hotel especially the swimming pool :D If you watch the TVB drama "Outbound Love" you'll probably knew about this hotel as well. We was like, is this the place where one of the scene where they used to hang around here??! LOL #silly

Alright, let's follow the flow from 10a.m 。◕‿◕。

Drove to pick up Mifyn at 10a.m then headed to island to meet up with the rest for breakfast. We had our breakfast at Pitstop @ Lorong Chulia

Add on orange juice on every meals :)

Super mushroomshyyyy soup! 

Breakfast set :) I changed the sausage with another bread. 


We headed to Lone Pine right away after breakfast. Is quite early thou but we just can't wait to see our big room and swim!! 

Weird pose with lotsa photobomb behind LOL 

✿✿✿✿✿ Our room with 2 queen size bed!! So comfy and big ✿✿✿✿✿

Big washroom as well 

Fatty bomb 

Make some preparation and start our day walking and chilling by the beach! 
But before that, take a tour ^^ 

These are the swimming pool area :) So green so relaxing!

Selfie #1 vs selfie #2 at the back hahahahahahaha...

Chilling by the beach with Mister Potato & Liptop ice tea 

Till then, it's swimming!! Din't manage to play sea games due to we ran out of time for swimming LOL 
No boobs but I have fatsssss 

After swim we then had our dinner at Feringgi Garden. It's not my first time there and as usual the food were all good :) 

Had a great day with them :) We went back hotel right after dinner...then start with our gossip and chatting session all night long LOL Too bad mifyn had serious toothache that night, hence she couldn't enjoy talking with us :( She went bed after shower... 

I made a short video clip for the whole day :D It's silly and messy ><'' But very lifestyle one LOL 
Hope you enjoy it!

It's really a great experience with only the girls cause I rarely out for girls trip one. Definitely will have another one again!  


Anonymous said...


Vivian Yuen said...

The breakfast set looks so good, love your slip ons!



Anonymous said...

Nice trip with besties <3
Can i know what song is that ya ?

vivian liyue said...

It's really a nice place.. The environment is so good n nice .. I should go there also :)

sgrmse. said...

WOW! this place looks INCREDIBLE! thank you for sharing. time to make another trip to penang? i think so!

Anonymous said...

Can i know what song is this ya???
omg....why blogger didnt reply her fans comment!!! Too bad....

Anonymous said...

The song is perfect kiss ya~

What a nice little trip <3
have go your shop before... you are nice girl..

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