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8 May 2014

They are top in my list ❤

Since you knew that i've been receiving so many products as review but which I really like is the question. Hence, I decided to blog about the products that wins my heart all this while after first try! :) No worry…this post nothing related to adv or reviews on any of them! Its purely my personal sharing.
I got it from like top to toe. I've got to share with you my fav shower gel, lotion, hair lotion, facial wash and blah~ Guess I will make another one which is my fav cosmetic too! Just wait for it ^^
What I will share today may not be the best for you, but I do. So lets start with the hair care.

From left : LÚCIDOL-L Hair Wax (moisture) | Shiseido (MA CHERIÉ) Aqua Dew Energy Ex | Sexy Girl Hair Cologne 

LÚCIDOL-L Hair Wax (moisture) *got it from Cold Storage @ Gurney Plaza*
It is a moisture hair wax type. For straight hair. It able to smoothen and make your hair looks silky straight after styling. And it smells real good hehe 

Shiseido (MA CHERIÉ) Aqua Dew Energy Ex *got it from Guardian @ Auto City*
It is a leave on conditioner / treatment cream. Apply it on semi-dry hair. It able to reduce tangle and frizzy-ness on your hair. Smells good as well :) 

Sexy Girl Hair Cologne *got it from HERMO*
I always spray this on my hair after having food in food court or steamboat. Especially when I just done my hair wash on the day. It able to absurd the bad smells of food and leave a freshen and lovely smells on my hair! Loves it! 

From left : Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body lotion | Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel *got it both @ Sephora* 

Buy it is just because of it's smell! So sweet :) 

This is the best shea butter lotion i've ever used! It has a superb quick absorption function and it won't leave stickiness on my skin at all! 

From left : DMC jelly mask | Aiberia Chamomile & Tranexamic Acid Hydra Cream | (b.seen) i'm wrinkle insulator  | Hada Labo lotion | DMC Purifying Cleanser 

DMC jelly mask it's been one of the skincare product that I can never left out! I use it 3 times a week. This has already the 2nd big bottle of my usage and it's already finish too >< The small bottle is for travel :) I will bring it on my every trip! Highly recommend this mask~ It hydrate and deep cleansing at the same time. How can I don't love it?! 

DMC Purifying Facial Cleanser. Seriously I love DMC products! It gently cleans away the dirt and impurity and leave my skin smooth. Tell you what this is the 2nd bottle d and you can see in the picture, its nearly reach the bottom as well, which mean i'm gonna get my 3rd bottle soon! hahaha 

Oh yea! My all time fav lotion ever!!! I can't remember the number of the bottle I use. It has such an amazing moisture result on. Yea you know I have a sensitive skin. But so far Hada Labo lotion is the longest skincare product i've use and still counting. You can get it in any Watson's / Guardian outlet 

Aiberia's anti acne hydra cream. It moisture and prevent acne breeding cause it contains camomile. If you don't know, chamomile is one of the best anti acne solution ingredient so far. 

No doubt. I bought it because of it's unique and cute packaging! I never thought that it works quite well on me. Due to I have to cover my dark circle everyday, my under eyelid gets dehydrated and there are fine lines too >< So sad!! Thus, I start to use this b.seen anti wrinkle eye cream and found that it able to reduce my finelines. 

From left : Miss Hana eye & lip make-up remover | MeO hydrating make-up remover 

I use this as my lip make-up remover. I can just easily wipe my lipstick with cotton. Even when it meet the super long lasting lipstick.

My everyday face make-up remover. It is oil type of remover, yet I won't clog my pores! That's why I love it! Cause as I know, sensitive skin cannot use oily type remover cause it may clog pores and turn to acne. This is a nightmare for me! But after try this remover, it turn out well on me :) It cleans and hydrate my skin! 

Alright! Here is what i've share today. Hope you like this post and I shall make another of for cosmetic part :) Like I said, what I like doesn't mean it will works well on you too cause everyone has own skin type and not all products suits you. Yet, you can try cause most of my skincare suitable to sensitive skins :) Goodnight! 


Anonymous said...

Broken English!

Anonymous said...

s. If you dont like it. Can leave the page. What if people do the same thing to you. Comment nonsense on you fb or other post that you share. Please think of people feeling. If you dont wanf other to treat you the same way.


Anonymous said...

Like!!!! Support support!!!!

Vivian Yuen said...

Love the eye cream packaging!



Anonymous said...

Soap and Glory's body butter so so only. U can try Palmer's Cocoa butter. They do wondrous moisture and help in decreasing stretch mark, in fact the best u can find out there. And the smell is 100 times better than Soap and Glory's. The chocolate scent is amazing, makes u so chocolaty hahahaha.. just suggesting. I bet u would like it too.

S.Y said...

i just simply like this post. Cant wait for your next post about ur fav cosmetic.

Kaiyii said...

hey, i cant find hair cologne on hermo? can you provide the brand or the links? thanks

Angel said...

Thanks Anerly! :) is the DMC cleanser suitable for oily skin type? Wanna try the aiberia

Anonymous said...

How much for the SOAP&GLORY Righteous Butter Body Lotion ?

Michelle Cho said...

Thanks for sharing. Btw, i can't find the Sexy Girl Hair Cologne on Hermo, could you please provide the link.

Thanks. :)

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