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30 May 2014

Happ happ H-Artistry night!

I never been partying so hard since year ago to the previous HA night. No doubt, it's still the best party to me! So happening and meeting so many friend thru out the night :) Is like a big friends gathering LOL. As usual, will definitely have a bunch of friends party with me and of course ma boy were invited as well.
The party held at SPICE and starts quite early around 7pm and we reach around 830pm. I thought that we might a little too early for the party, but who knows there was so crowded even its only 830pm! Coz normally party people party after 10p.m. Walking so so long way from the car park with my stupid heels.

This year's dress code is RED. Wear to impress!! 

Apologize that I really couldn't find any red cloth in my closet :( Allow me to wear a white tube top with a maroon colour shorts! *both from H&M*

Smart backdrop! So that many people can take photo at the same time!

Be smart! Say no to drugs!

Wonder why this photo looking so yellow T.T

We were in the O zone / VIP

Testing testing! 

Artist performing of the night!

First we have Paperplane Pursuit who serenaded the crowd with their hits such as “Everybody Wants Somebody” and “Higher”. The Malaysian pop sensation wooed the crowd as they joined in to echo the lyrics of each song. The crowd was in for a surprise towards the last song by PPP as the H-Project DJ’s joined the pop trio to deliver an up-tempo collaboration on “Beats Of Your Love”. 

With excitement running high, the H-Project DJ’s continued to deliver an epic fist-pumping set, resulting in fist-pumping movements and screams of excitement from the crowd. The energetic experience was only to be topped off with a reveal of the duo behind the decks – with the reveal leading to the introduction of DJ Ernest C, and DJ Reeve to the enthusiastic crowd.

The atmosphere of the room went through the roof as Taiwan’s EDM/mando pop band, Magic Power took over the stage, delivering a multi-genre musical journey like no other. The energetic Taiwan based band featured hit tracks such as, “Never Play By The Rules”, “Super 

Hero”, as well as “Love The Way You Lie” (originally by Eminem) in a surprise collaboration with Paperplane Pursuit. It was obvious that their performance was a hit as fans whole heartedly declared their love for the all male assemble in the form of excited cheers. 

As the cheers grew louder, the Australian queen of big room beats, DJ Brooklyn took over the deck and made her presence obvious as she dropped beats and tunes that got the whole arena pumping.  With energies soaring across the roof, the crowd gave a warm Malaysian welcome to the electro house trio, Imma*Bleep*Youup – and their warm welcome was well received as the trio responded with waves of EDM drops, accompanied by stunning laser projections, which definitely delivered Penangites with nothing short of an epic super-clubbing experience. I would say DJ Brookyln is hell pretty! She like a doll @.@ 

Ma ladies ^^ 

Glad to meet you there Alden!

Pretty VC

VC & Tiffany :)

Baby boo! 

The party ended around 1a.m and we party till the end! haha Was really an awesome party night <3 Can't wait for the next H-Artistry again! H-Artistry Penang 2014 at SPICE was truly a night of musical artistry, paired with a sensational experience befitting of an epic first H-Artistry series of epic super-clubbing parties for 2014. H-Artistry events are by-invite-only, and are open to non-Muslims aged 18 above. Keep it locked on for updates on future H-Artistry events slated for 2014. 


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Love your hair here!



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May i know what camera you using to take those photo? :)
Those photo look great!

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