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4 June 2014

Current addiction *Miss Hana*

My last post is about party, I think is time to update some make-up stuff a bit hehe. I'm gonna review about a very familiar brand today. Not sure if you're really familiar with this brand…but I do! Its Miss Hana cosmetic range! Familiar no?? LOL

Simply can't get rid of it's pinky packaging design. Of course the product is good to use as well. I've tried all of them and I got the high rate for each item especially the eyeliner pen and the highlight / concealer stick. 

I've seen a lot of review of Miss Hana product from youtube and also blogger from Hong Kong / Taiwan. To be frank, this is how I get to know about Miss Hana. Hence, I would like to try and review them to y'all. 

This is really a waterproof eyeliner and super anti smudge ones! Don't have to worry if you have a oily eyelid *wink* further more, it's easy to handle coz it's pencil type.

Plump plump lips start with this! The pink of the lip colour is quite a natural tone that blend well with your original lip colour and for the cool-infused lip gloss is to make your lips even kissable with water shine look! Plus, it don't crack my lips!!! 

This can be a concealer also highlighter. It has a very thin coverage that can cover up light dark circle and some uneven skin tone. I purposely choose a brighter colour cause I use it as a highlighter to highlight my nose bridge and chin :) 

CC powder gives you a glowing skin! It is powder type but it won't leave your skin look very powdery or over white. It blend into your skin and leave a glowing texture. 

All that I can say is this pen is soooo amazing!! It's like I finally found a solution to clean up my messy eyeliner and some mascara mistake. Is just like a remover in pen form so that you can easily wipe off the unwanted part or mistake without removing all of it! I love this!! 

All of my Miss Hana product purchase from 
Wechat: Sheryn87 

By the way, they also selling my favourite DMC jelly mask and products. I purchase all from them :) Super great service!


Vivian Yuen said...

They have such lovely, princess worthy packaging!



Anonymous said...

why you deleted MPA Group Recognition Night 2014 blog post ? repost please . or you do something illegal ?

Anonymous said...


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