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5 July 2014

They're Real push-up liner is love!!!

I recently found a super awesome eyeliner. I can't wait you share with y'all. Throwing back to the day to Beijing….Was walking around at KLIA before the flight searching for some new cosmetics. I spotted Benefits staff was arranging some new arrivals near the entrance of their store. I walked towards and start trying on this gel liner pen. I was shocked with it's perfection!
Can't believe it is so easy to control and the line it create is so thin and close to my lash line. Seriously, I drawn it in just one shot! No erasing or smudging during the session. How can it be so easy to control one?!!


I'm a happy girl now cause I found a gel liner pen that able to create more and more looks in the easiest way! You know everyone has the same goal to make their eyes looks bigger and sexier. 
You must try this!  

You know I like brown colour eyeliner, but who cares cause this gel liner pen is way too awesome! I started to rely on it since the day I bought at KLIA lol 
It's my daily makeup essential now!!

Question on how it can make all the ladies loves it so much?! *including me* 3 key points!

  • True matte black

  • Long-lasting

  • Smudge-proof & Waterproof 

5 years of development! Over 70 modifications to make it right! 

Matte black colour. You can draw as thin as u like with your own control.

Was too rush to work today, so I brought it to work hehe 
Remember, twist ONCE for enough to line both eyes! No wasting! A little goes a long way~

I love it! Do you?

Thank you Benefit for such awesome creation 

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