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22 August 2014

Time for some hair treatment frizzy hair! LOL

Hey all! Is like I'm back to blogging again :) How you guys been doing? I've been busying almost everyday ~.~ I really don't understand why there is always undone stuff ><
Alright, since I'm kinda free for today I decided to go for Twiggy ^^ Guess what?! Finally doing time for the second Salon Solution after months!!!
Honestly my hair been so DRY and FRIZZY!!! I hate the spilt ends so much and sometimes will split into 3 @.@ This is terrible! Well this is the fact that need to face when you have longer hair :( What to do?! Coz someone like it! hehehe
Okay, do you remember that I have blogged about this Salon Solution hair treatment previously? Read HERE. I really really recommend this hair treatment to you guys, cause its so effective and the result can stay up to one month! I never tried one hair treatment that give such a long term result before.

Please allow me to say it again, this is the whole set of the professional Salon Solution hair treatment from Shiseido. 

I'm so in love with this hair treatment ever since I tried it for the first time. Is like I never gonna try other hair treatment anymore >< I can feel the sincerity and the profession of this hair treatment. Unlike the common hair treatment that only apply hair mask, steam, wash off --> thats it. *sorry not trying to offend* 
Forgot to bring my camera out today so I can only capture these errrr random shots! hah!

selfie #1
I never been have this so soft touching hair for so lonnggggg~~~~~

selfie #2 *spot the different* LOL 

This time is a little bit different from previous steps. We exclude the last steps to see the result. Surprisingly the result has not much different!! Big yay!!!! For your info, the full step Salon Solution hair treatment cost around MYR350. I know is not cheap and some of you might really want to try but not everyone can afford. 
So Twiggy Salon has come out with a lower price Salon Solution hair treatment :) So hearty right? Price range from MYR180 - MYR250. Is much cheaper now! Why not give a try?? * I bet you will love it* 

Love my hair hehehe! Thanks Twiggy <3

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