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28 October 2014

18th Oct Sheryn & Shane ROM

It was a great honour to be part of this party *but I will definitely kill both of them if I dont get the invite* LOL . This is my first time to attend such a memorable and meaningful party. They even made a attire theme which is white / beige color. Sheryn was very happy that almost every of us manage to wear white :) See we all very guai one LOL
To the sweetest couple Sheryn and Shane, I wish both of you stay sweet & happiness forever! 

The party was held in Suffolk House, Penang. I think it's really suitable to get the ROM to held in such a lovely place. I love this place!

Cakes, cookies, and sandwiches served during the wonderful afternoon :)

The prettiest lady of the day. Somehow I think she looks like Tinkerbell ^^

Too sweet to be true!! I love these scenes soooooo much <3 <3 <3 I just can't wait no more to attend the actual wedding day!!! Make it faster plssss~~

Simply love this shot. Girls of the day :) Photo credit to CSKHOR

My partner of the day HEHEHE

Too nice here, so must take some shot with the green green background :)

Full white outfit for the day

A photo with my little monster behind to end this post :) That Saturday ended beautifully with tons of love from them. 

Gonna see my girls tonight for someone's birthday din din <3 Not to say too much coz my english is sucks. Signing offfff!


Vivian Yuen said...

The cakes look so lovely! What a beautiful event~



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