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13 October 2014

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam DIY Hair Color

Here is another late post which I been dragged for few weeks time. Im sorry cause its just too many pending post to be done, I got no choice but postpone this.
Back to the topic,  a few of my friend told me that I did a little too much for my recent hair color >< They said it was too black in color :O If there is a little ash or brown color will be perfect for my skin tone.

Therefore, I recently found a DIY foam hair color from Schwarzkopf! As all of you might know that Schwarzkopf is one of the famous hair product company as well. To be frank, this is the first time I’m using their product and i'm quite excited about it. I have choosen my all time favourite color, which is Berry Ash! Hope it will turn out a little ashie color hehehe

I would like to also share with you the whole process of dying it with steps by steps as well as the benefit of the Freshlight Foam :)

• Its rich mousse texture soaks into hair quickly for beautiful colour result.
• Its shampoo-look allows you to apply it easily.
• Moisturizing hair deeply, it makes your hair supple, soft and smooth.

• Glossy shine is also provided after colour Treatment with silk extract.
Kit Containing: 1 bottle colouring cream (1st Agent)
1 bottle of developer emulsion (2nd Agent)
1 sachet of after colour treatment
1 push pump
Professional colour gloves
Professional colour interaction leaflet

Before we start. Lets check and see if you are ready! My advice, wear your most raggedy T-shirt and put on the gloves included with the colouring treatment. Next, perform an allergy test before using any hair colour. You find the instructions for this test on the package insert along with the colouring instructions.

1st, glove checked! 

Left 1st Agent , right 2nd Agent

Pour the 1st agent into the 2nd agent bottle.

Install the pump and tilt the bottle left and right to mix both agents well. I have coloured my hair soooo many times before and didn’t think I would need to read the instructions but PLEASE read the instructions. Don’t worry, they are very simple but it states that you should NOT shake the bottle vigorously.

Push the pump and make the foam.

Apply to your dry hair and knead well. Leave 30-40 min :)

Rinse well after 30-40 min and use shampoo and the treatment provided. 

Schwarzkopf Colouring Tips!
• If you are trying to decide between two colour shades always select the lighter one providing your hair is not already medium blond or lighter. Lighter hair colours flatter the complexion more than darker colours
• All ash-blond hues work wonders in creating a youthful appearance: This colour shade counter-balances red blotches, softens the lines of the face and blends well with the first grey hairs
• The haircut must also be appropriate. The most suitable hair styles allow the hair to move around easily and individual strands fall into the face. This creates a lively impression and is a softer frame for the face than short hair stubbles or tightly gathered hair
• Use lotions, mousse, foam and flexible sprays to keep the soft and natural character of hair intact

I purchase mine in Watson at an affordable price, great value and promising results!

So here is the result. It has a little brownish here!

You know what, the moisturising effect really surprised me! I never thought that a home DIY hair colour did so well in smoothen and moisture after hair dying. Worth to try!

Here is some extra tips for home hair colour:
• Caution! The colouring results may be quite surprising if you have coloured your hair using henna or a henna-containing colouring extract from plants in the preceding four months. The same also applies to a change from artificial to biological hair dyes.
• In case your hair colour has turned out to be too ash-coloured or greyish, simply use a tinting treatment or a colour shampoo to add a reddish or golden nuance.
• You want to perm and colour your hair? Don’t do it at the same time or in quick succession! Allow your hair to recover for one or two weeks after a perm or colouring treatment.
• Chances are that you love your new hair colour. Make sure to write down the colour nuance for your next treatment. You won’t have to guess when purchasing your next colouring treatment.
• Use shampoos and conditioners for colour-treated hair so that your hair colour retains its lustre and stays healthy. Colour-treated hair needs special care. Once a week, you should therefore apply a conditioning mask to bring out the beauty of your hair.


Vivian Yuen said...

Love using foam hair dyes, so easy to apply. This colour is fabulous on you <3



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