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11 October 2014

Home body firming treatment with Vsis

Slimming been into so many form these days. It's no longer a professional service anymore. We can now have our home slimming treatment anytime. I pretty enjoy doing contingent slimming massage at home before sleep :)
What I try to share with y'all today is about a super luxury firming oil. Why is it luxury?? It is because it contains 23k gold @.@ WOW! Besides, the other contains included ginger extract and essential oil, Zedoary and Clove essential oils that stimulate the microcirculation and together with the ivy and seaweed extracts increase the result of anti-cellulite, slimming and firming treatment.
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Vsis 23Gold Firming Oil

It looks kinda luxury from the outside! This firming oil is different from that cream thou. This is more like a massage oil with firming effect. It has the result of toning, firming, anti-aging, etc. What's more its even has the result of smoothen skin. This is what I like hehehe

I can't make sure everyone like this firming oil. Cause as stated its oil base. So if you're not vey comfortable or used to do oil massage then you might feel this one a bit greasy. 

Very easy to use, just shake well before open the bottle cap. Make sure you cleans your skin before massage :) Don't forget to close the safety cap after use cause the bottle cap might not safe enough to prevent oil pouring out easily.

Honestly, I'm a person who don't like oily stuff. So I will only use it on my legs. Massage every night to tighten my fats and firm :) Very easy, just gently massage until its fully absorb just like you apply body lotion!

Special thanks to Zooey House for always bringing awesome stuff! So happy to get to try on this firming oil cause the previous one is too spicy for me LOL I cannot tahan hahaha

You can look for their Instagram @zooey_house for more good products! 
And also Wechat / Line: qiqisaw1014 / zooeyhouse if you have any question :)


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