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2 October 2014

I found my fav sunglasses here!

Hey all! Im back after a week :) Feeling great whenever I'm here cause when every time I'm up here there will be some interesting thing to share with you.
I'm sure that everyone who lives in summer country will definitely need sunglasses. Especially to those that drives everyday under hot sun and you still found that your car tinted doesn't help a lot LOL.
To me, I love to collect sun shades with different brands. There will be different style of designs in different brand. The brand I love the most is SUPER - from Italy. I was so attracted by their special designs which you hardly find in other brand. Besides,  I like Ray Ban as well :) I love cause it has the most retro and vintage sunglasses design ever!!!

Alright, speaking about sunglasses. The price is not cheap at all :( Especially when you want it in branded. But no worry from now on cause I found one international online site that sells the lowest price for branded sunglasses like PRADA, SUPER, GUCCI, POLICE, RAY BAN, etc. Besides sunglasses, they even provide range of normal glasses and contact lenses.

One thing I like about this website is that, if you worry that the spec may not suit your face shape, you can always find the Face Shape guide at the sidebar :)
No matter what face shape you are, you will definitely found the best sunglass that suits you!

GlasseOnline even provide the 30 days return policy for every purchase.

Guess which brand I got myself from GlassesOnline ? Simply love it so much! 

Got my very first SUPER sunglass from HERE

I always wanted a stylish yet simple looking sunglass. I've went to shop to try on many kind of sunglass but not much suit me cause I have a square face shape. Besides Ray Ban, it's too hard for me to try another brand. 
One day I stumble across SUPER website and I found that their range of sunglasses its really unique and I started to fall in love with this brand. I even when to retail shop to try! 
I din't get any for myself cause it's too pricey for just a sunglass. Over budget liao! LOL Then I found out this website from a blogger, and they are selling this brand as well!! What a surprise, THEY GOT WHAT I WANT!!! I was so so so happy!!! Then check on the price, ehhh??? It's really a lot cheaper than retail price even if its discounted price, GlassesOnline still the cheapest one! 
Don't care this time, I die die need to get one for myself!!! 

Look at it! Isn't it hot??? LOL 100% authentic no worry okay! 

Last but no least, a little more about Glassesonline. They are selling most of the well known 100% original brand for sunglasses, contact lenses & spectacles with guarantee lowest price. What's more is that they even provide FREE SHIPPING all the time and also FAST SHIPPING! Check out their store for your favourite brand now! 


Vivian Yuen said...

Love this pair on you!



Stephanie Tan said...

Wow~ This Sunglasses look nice! PRADA, SUPER, GUCCI, POLICE, RAY-BAN, may I know where is your physical shop?

Susan Cheah said...

Great post! I like this Sunglasses, so elegance! Just wondering, where can I get this in Optometrist Malaysia?

Susan Cheah said...

Erm......... I went to Malaya Optical last week, but I could find Super..... So, I just picked Ray-Ban sunglasses, seem we can't get it in Malaysia..... Disappointed......

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