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4 November 2014

Memorable Birthday 2014

This year unlike the other year. This year's birthday been more memorable and joy :) Is like i celebrate my birthday for the whole week with awesome people. I had my very first fine dining with my favourite sis. Had a private small gathering with people that i love. Got my wish list done >< You know it's really touching when the minute you unwrap the gifts and the its the thing you been working so hard to get! Totally out of my expectation, like TOTALLY!

First thing first, a simple lunch with Dovey Diary girls :) Been finding a day to ask 3 of them out for a gathering after so long! And finally we made it on the 22th Oct at Basement 6 for lunch. I never know that they secretly prepared a birthday cake for me T.T So sweet ah you 3! hehehe

My first birthday cake!! Thanks girls <3

Had my second celebration with my family, but too bad I forgot to bring out my camera :( So no photo for that night. I brought them to Mama Vege for steamboat cause it's a rainy night and I guess it will be perfect to go for steamboat :) 

3rd day, which is a day before the actual date of my birthday. Fine dining date with ma sis Sheryn ^^ She brought me to Farquhar Mansion for dinner. It was kinda weird to have 2 girls having such romantic dinner, sitting face to face and tasting red wine somemore hahaha But its really sweet you know!

Cheers for our friendship! Its been more than 10 years and still counting :)

Busy makan :D

Thank you <3 <3 <3

2nd birthday cake haha

Thanks again for the dinner treat and pressie

Outfit of the night #OOTN : Dress from Dovey Diary 
Bag from Balenciaga 
Flats from ZARA

Did eyelash extension so just go on a simple make up :)

My Mr.BC not around during my so he couldn't celebrate with my on the birthday eve, but thanks god he manage to fly back on 25th Oct to have a simple dinner with me. Nothing fancy, we just had Italian pizza at Straits Quay. 
He plan a private escape to Malihom at Balik Pulau as compensation thou ^^ Thanks baby! 
I invited my buddies to enjoy the great natural ambiance. Had our simple lunch there with homemade sandwiches :) Thanks nick for preparing hehe

Now you know how much im in love with this place

Happy girl is happy after check in! 

This is our room type. Dhamma. It is a room for 2.

Dropped all the baggage and start a walking tour around the whole area.
Look at all the breathtaking views

This place located at Balik Pulau, Penang. This is a private estate so they don't allow people to simply go up. There is a gate at down hill. You need to make call before you go up to check in. My friends got blocked when they try to get up :( After so many of explanation to Malihom they finally let them up. Malihom reserves the right to make sure every guest enjoy their vacation in silent and peace. So please don't too much of noises :)

Sunbathing with ma pale looking face =.=

Thanks for coming guys! I had a really great time with all of you.

6 of us was just chilling by the pool and enjoy the birds singing hehe. Fyi, Malihom provide meals for guest included breakfast, lunch & dinner. If not mistaken, they serve Burmese food and also western. No worry their food tastes very good :) 
Phone line and everything was okay there. But one thing is the TV in the room doesn't work unless you bought yourself DVD. 

Woke up early the next morning for breakfast cause we off to bed quite early too!

Freshie air~~~

Breakfast for 2! slurrrpyyyy

Till then, guess what?! Its pressie time ^^ Not sure I should share it out to public or not :( Cause I don't wish people thought im showing off or something. Basically im just sharing my joy lah~ and I think you guys feeling excited to know too right? hehe

Was very happy to receive a flower bouquet from Patels & Leafz. Thank you! I love it

Thanks for fulling my wish T.T Can't help to say anything else but endless THANK YOU & Love each of you very much <3

So that's it for birthday 2014 & sorry my english is really sucks.


Anonymous said...

Anerly, i think you care too much over reader's comments..
Poor english, so what?..
Learn from mistake, that's most important..
dont let the comments ruin your mood.. ruin the way u used to blog..
we enjoy reading your blog.. and u're awesome =)
please take note! nobody is perfect, we make mistake =)
Thanks for the awesome sharing =)

anerly said...

Hi there, thanks for your comment :) I tot i will be another broken english comment again. I appreciate your words. Actually I don really care of what they said, cause if I do care, I wouldn't still writing post in english. Right? The reason why I wrote the sentence is because I wanna let them know that I know i have broken english and I never say that my english is good. Thanks anyway <3

Vivian Yuen said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! Happy birthday!



Eunice Yee Chin said...

Hi, Anerly.happy to read ur birthday post. May I ask which camera model do you used? Those pictures taken were so pretty and attractive. :)

Anonymous said...

hello! dont worry, iust a few mistakes in between like, there is no such thing as peopleS. 'People' means a group of people already :) hope you dont mind i point this out! :)

keep it up! I like to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.wish you all the best .it's too late. But now i your fans hahahha

Anonymous said...

Hello Anerly. I love this! What a great post. And your pictures are really beautiful. You are a great photographer !!! :D what camera do you use? Btw, happy belated birthday <3 MGBU always.

Joyce Theen said...

Hi..Anerly..may I know the cost to stay at malihom per night?? and how to booking??
please reply me..Thank you!

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