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22 January 2015

Why car coating?

Happy girl is happy <3

Never been taking good care of my old car last time. I guess is because I never know there is such a thing called car coating. Ever since I own my first car, my good friend always warn me that I should send it for a car coating. It may help to maintain the red paint and car looks glossier. I knew the price for coating is not cheap, hence I need to find the best one no matter how far is the location. Searching through google, I found that there are really choices for brands and types of car coating @.@ I have totally no idea =.=  
After my long research, I finally understand what is coating. If you not really sure about it, let me tell you little according to my research.

Coating is actually a layer of protection to your car appearance in order to against sunlights aka UV rays, rain, dirts, dust, bird dropping and etc will collect on top of car's surface. It may help to making rains / water hard to remain staying on car surface. Which mean water will easily drop off, hence not much water mark appear after rain. For coating it separates into different categories such as : body coat, windscreen, headlamp, wheel & internal coating. For body coat, windscreen, headlamp, wheel consider as External Coat, while cushion / sofa and etc consider as Internal Coat

In addition, external coating do help to cure and reduce some spiderweb lines that caused by having too much of machine car wash and also some minor paint damage as well. In my opinion, do not often take your car to wash by machines. Although its fast and easy but it will harm your car's surface and make the paint dull.

Well I guess you understand the major meaning of car coating now :)
Why I want to do body coating so badly?! This is because my car itself has a hard maintaining colour paint, which is red. This is the only way to keep my car looks new and grossy all the time ^^ Besides, I can easily clean my car at home without sending it to carwash service cause we don't know those bubble wash may harm car surface. 
Secondly, windscreen coating is a must! Rain drop and water will slip away easily instead off leaving watermarks on mirror, give me a safer drive :) 

Speaking about finding the best car coating provider, due to a very lucky coincidence, i found Sparkle Concepts Auto Detailing! This is actually an old friend of mine boyfriend's shop. We was chatting on FB and she told me about her boyfriend's carrier. And yes! I was searching for this all this while :) 

Below is the photos before doing any coating. 
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It normally takes 1-2 days for the full coating. If you wish to know the price range. I will list out the roughly price range according to the car size. For your information, my car consider as M size. Price included 2 years warranty and FREE 2 times of external coating maintenance within the period.

External Coating + Internal Coating

M Size RM2000
L Size RM2200
XL Size RM3200

Here is the outcome / result after external coating. I was quite impressed with the outcome cause I never thought it could be so big different cause my car quite new still and I just did a car wash a day before head @.@ SO MUCH DIFFERENT!!! 

Of course i did the rest coating as well including headlamp and my wheels. Damn! I can say that my car looks even newer than the first day I had it in car centre LOL 

And here is the internal coating of the leather seats and also the front and side painted area.


Million thanks to the bosses for treating my baby like their girlfriend hahahahaha! 

Everyone was staring my car by the time I drove out from the shop. I guess they have it too shiny! LOL

Simply made a comparison with other cars at the parking lot. You can definitely sees the different at first sight :) Cant say more but I really love it! <3 My baby is super hot now! LOL

Sparkle Concepts Auto Detailing

Address: 1, Jalan Cempaka 1/1, Persiaran Cempaka Amanjaya, 
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.

Contact: 019 570 9119 / 012 490 5877

FB: Sparkle Concepts Auto Detailing (for more instant promo update)


Vivian Yuen said...

Wow it's so shiny and sleek now!



Kharn Yee said...

Wow I love your car! ♥♥

Anonymous said...

why? because you get sponsored lo pls mention whenever it's a sponsor post or else you're lying to the public

Car Coating said...

Nice car for a nice looking lady. Car coating is a good investment. Can't go wrong with that.

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