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6 February 2015

Got my eyes tested at Focus Optometry

On last weekend, I was invited by Focus Optometry to have my eyes checking with different exams. Apparently this is my first eyes checking with so many machines and I din't know that it could be so fast and easy, but the most importantly is the professional optometrists that provide the super good explanation for each exam and make things even easier to understand.

Speaking about my first experience, I was tend to become very 38 @.@ I was like, does it hurt?! LOL paiseh~

I was looking for specs that suits my face shape :D Thanks for the patience to help me find the best hehe

This one not bad thou ;)

Here is the list of the tests available in Focus Optometry. Thats alot @.@

I found these shades looking pretty <3 <3 <3 They have variety of brands such as Hummer, Moschino, Furla, Mont Blanc etc.

Color lenses 

These are all the contact lens brand they have. Mostly well-known brand :)

Lets move on to the highlights of the day, which is the tests I had. All the professional exam equipment include cornea compensated tonometry which is for glaucoma detection; digital slit lamp for cataract detection, external eye examination and contact lens fitting; fundus camera for retina disease detection and also for glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, detachment etc.

 From left:  It is for Glaucoma testing machine which called Corneal Compensated Tonometry. 

It use to measure IOP or eye pressure an instrument known as tonometry is required.  At Focus Optometry we use a special kind of tonometry which is known as corneal compensated tonometry. The difference between a normal tonometry and a corneal compensated tonometry is the corneal compensated tonometry takes into the account for measurements error induced by corneal biomechanics. Therefore this type of tonometry will produce a more accurate measurement compared to the normal tonometry.
Another machine beside it is for eyes normal power testing which called Autorefractor where you can found in every optical shop. 

Being so serious huh 

Hello little eye~ Thanks god everything normal for my eyes power :) 

This one known as Slit Lamp Examination.

Slit Lamp is an instrument optometrist and ophthalmologist use to examine the structures of the eyes. It functions like a microscope and enables medical professionals to see details of the structures of the eyes. Using this instruments, optometrist can pick up diseases like cataract, corneal problems, eye lid problems, etc.  Another major usage of a slit lamp is for contact lens fitting. For a proper contact lens fitting, a slit lamp enables optometrist to determine if the contact lens is too tight or too loose for the patient eyes.

This is SUPER COOL!!! It called Phoropter. It is for eyes power and focusing. 

 This is Fundus Camera, to check for anomalies. The one that took a picture inside your eye for diabetes or glaucoma etc. It will capture your eye ball and show it in the monitor.

The fundus camera we use at Focus Optometry is a Canon non-dilating fundus camera. What it means is that this camera does not require the use of dilating drops prior to taking the photo of your fundus. This eliminates the discomfort and the inability to drive after using dilating drops. The importance of fundus photography is to enables the optometrist to access the retina to look for any abnormality such as nerve swelling, or bleeding of the vessels in the retina. This will enable the optometrist to accurately diagnose any retinal diseases like age related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retionopathy, etc. RM10 per exam.

This is my eye ball LOL looking pretty healthy there :) I personally found that this test is very good cause you instantly see if your eyes is in healthy condition. RM30 per exam.

This is one of the featured machine here. The new 3D therapy machine for amblyopia( 3D LAZY EYE THERAPY)

Lazy eyes is also known as amblyopia. It is a condition in children when vision does not develop properly in one eye. If it’s left untreated, a child's vision will never develop correctly in that eye. Vision impairment becomes permanent because as the child’s brain matures, it will "ignore" the image coming from the poorly Seeing Eye. That’s why it’s essential to have a child with amblyopia regularly tested by an eye doctor or optometrist.

This is the most effective for children with amblyopia also known as lazy eye, technology is first in Malaysia, using 3D technology, very effective, it uses up to 45min per session and cost RM90 first time, RM60 every session or go for package of RM600 for 12 times which costs RM50 per session. Our company will have amazing service to monitor and take care of the children.

Me paying 100% full attention at the game. It looks like just some kids computer games, but not that easy at all. You really need to focus in order to pass the game!

Basically, i've done with all the tests. Specially thanks to the optometrists that helps me on every test. Thanks for the well explanation :) They provide amazing prices & services. I had a great time with you guys! Strongly recommend you guys to come over at Focus Optometry for eyes testing, cause they are more into clinical checking. Besides, they have optometrists in their outlet not just optician. Optometrists different than opticians as opticians obtain certificate after form 5 where optometrists undergo 4 years degree after diploma and undergo vigorous internship at chain companies in KL and also internship with ophthalmologist in eye hospitals. Which mean they are way more professional than normal optician.

I found my new love! hehehe 

Thank you K Wen  & Ben :) 

For your info, Focus Optometry has 2 outlets in Penang. One is in Prangin Mall (Ground Floor, beside Subway) & another one is located at Bellisa Row Penang (same row with DIGI). Soon opening another outlet in Bayan Baru & Aman central in Alor star during end of the year!

More good news, with Chinese New Year around the corner, they are having sales up to 50%! Do visit them as soon as possible!

They also are having a voucher promotion which can be used on top of their discounts! Just flash this voucher from the blog or download and use it for the whole family!

C:\Users\K WEN\Downloads\FOCUSOP voucher-06.jpg

Find out more about Focus Optometry at :


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Might want to brush up on your english. One most obvious one is patience not patient. lol. I misunderstood as sick patient at first glance.

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hahaha !!! ya PATIENCE not PATIENT !!!

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Very informative! Thank you so much!

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Your skin is amazing and you look adorable! can i know what camera model are u currently using? X

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