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25 April 2015

My exciting weekend at Mission-Q

I bet some of you might familiar with "room escaping" game. I guess that is one of the best activity where you can have so much fun with friends / family. 
One past weekend, I was invited by Mission-Q to attend their opening launch and gets the first to try on their games! This is my second time in playing room escape games and I found that Mission-Q has the best standard of room designs which hide a lot of surprise! This makes everything become so so REAL! In order to fulfilled every tasks, teamwork, creativity, communication and courage are essential. Every tasks need imaginations. 


About Mission-Q
Mission-Q transforms the virtual "Room Escaping" games into real like experiences. Participants are locked in a room where the objective is to physically free themselves within an hour by collecting items, identifying clues and solving puzzles and riddles to open locks. Each room is uniquely designed to fully immerse participants in unforgettable experience.

What so special about Mission-Q?
Creating cinematic experience where each of their rooms consists of several surprises and exhilarating moments. For example, the even have walls that can be opened up @.@ , hidden symbols that can only be viewed under special lighting and trolleys big enough to transport several people arounds.

High standards in room designs set them apart from others. Each of the masterfully crafted adventures, while part of an overarching narrative, also offer their own unique experience. Travel through time in Quantum as you solve an inter-temporal mystery. Experience visual puzzles only available at Mission-Q in The Great Illusionist.

Mission Q’s rooms are meticulously conceived and designed with the following ideals. First, each adventure focuses on optimizing players’ experiences by providing individual unique surprises in each respective adventure. Second, puzzles are based entirely on logic; with a bit of hard work and creativity, you and your team will be able to solve them all without having to rely on leaps of logic or unsatisfactory reasoning. Third, they believe in the paramount importance of the experience over ‘props.’ Mission-Q focus way more on how the room makes you feel rather than what is actually inside the room.

Final tasks! Enough of our brain juice that been squeezed >< Let them do their jobs! LOL

Young ladies of the day! <3 *of course including me* =P

Thanks Mission-Q for having me! Definitely the best escape room in Penang :D

 Full outfit from Dovey Diary 
Bag from SaintHK
Nike Airmax 90 pink

They have 5 different kind of room design at the moment :) Here is some basic info for each room and do checkout their difficulty before you decide hahaha!

Before ended up this post. I made a video for the whole experience I had in Mission-Q. Attached below :) Lets see how excited is it! It's my third short clip in this month LOL Do subscribe my Youtube channel hehehe

Location : Queensbay Mall Penang (Level.3)
Contact : +604-6370 607 or +6012-515 3688


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a bit pening watching ur vlog ... hope can improve !!

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