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17 May 2015

AO Klinik gathering night

It was a blast night with the team. A special and awesome team from AO Klink. It was last minute plan for the dinner but they did great for that! They found awesome place, nice food & good wine along with all the pretty people :)

If you don't know, AO Klinik is a place where you gets prettier and healthier every time you visit! hahaha sounds like a miracle ~.~

It's my pleasure to join them as a team now. We girls will never feel enough of getting pretty one! hehehe All I want is healthier skin, brighter skin, and more beautiful features........ <3.
If you realise, i've been to their place quite often during the past 4 months. I went for whitening dripping, Botox injection for my puffy face, and also cure my tear ditch which makes me looking tired without make up. Everything done securely with professional doctors and the result is amazing!

Im not sure if you noticed that I already have my slightly sharper face now hehehe. Square shape still there but it do look smaller now LOL I guess you wont find out until I get you my before & after later on~

Speaking back about the awesome dining time with them. I fully enjoyed the night with exchange of views and also laugher! Oh! Forget to mention the place we dine.

Its a new wine bar / restaurant hidden along Leith Street Penang. Name: Georgetown Wines. 

Im sorry that I did not spend too much time on taking photos on the interior and exterior. So here is the only one that I grab from their fb page @.@ But definitely high recommended place to dine and also wine :) 

AO even got each of us a box of Belgian famous chocolate and a red rose :) So thoughtful! 

Hi Dave :) 

Part of the ladies & gentlemen :) 

Food of the night

Its been such a long time I din't really get to know new people from different industry like that. Happy to meet each of them :) I heard that AO will continue make event like this very often hehehe! Can't wait for the next one~

Well you can see it...OBVIOUSLY XD

So above is the result after once Botox injection. After photo taken 2-3 months after the treatment. For your info,  Botox injection for sharper face take time to really see the result. Mostly around 1-2 months.

In case you wanna know more about AO Klink
 here is the official website :


Anonymous said...

Your chin obviously look sharper, but overall of your face doesn't match yet. Side chin makes you look like got double chin. You should take a better consultant for it. Anyway nice post you have.

pichuap said...

how much does it cost for whitening drips?

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