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31 August 2015

Casio EX ZR3500 Camera Launch

It was my pleasure to get invited by Casio to their new camera launch event. It was my first
time attending event in KL alone T.T I was frighten enough when I first arrive at the venue. Yet I then met some of my blogger fellow ~ what a big relieve ^^ Its so good to see all of them!

EX-ZR3500 is the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. The new camera comes with Make-up Plus mode and a 1/1.7-inch sensor to enhance the quality of self-portraits. Let's start with the event day <3 

Just like what it says, we came to enjoy selfie with ZR3500 ^^v

To be honest, Casio ZR3500 is the second Casio camera I ever try. My first was Casio TR150. I never thought a selfie camera can be so professional yet the color of every piece is so damn pretty! Now guess which color I would pick? hehe 

Through the introduction and the workshop i've learned so much about this camera, and i'm starting fall in love with it. Selfie cam not just about selfie anymore!!! It can snap professional landscape and food photo now~~~~ Who need DSLR after this?! 

Just like the EX-TR50, which has already earned high marks as a self-portrait camera, the new EX-ZR3500 is equipped with a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, which has a bigger surface for receiving more light from the lens. This enable sharper imaging in dark locations and when using burst shooting.
The new camera also features Make-up Plus mode, which allows users to create more attractive photos with outstanding resolution. On top of adjusting the color and smoothness of skin while viewing an image, Make-up Plus mode can capture each and every eyelash and hair, while reproducing more natural skin texture thanks to the reduced visual noise made possible by the bigger sensor.

Us, during the introduction and workshop during the event ^^ Many pretty girls eyy~ 

Event brought to you by PopCulture :) Thanks for having me!

I love the whole setting of the day, having many camera card hanging around~ 

So these are the 4 striking color of ZR3500. Looking so nice and professional :)

Say hi to my blogger babes! 
From left: Vickybobo, Chanwon, Chenellewen <3 

Ops! Povy is here too and yes selfie is what we girls do all the time! #girlsbeinggirls moment 

We actually went to had a quick lunch after the event :) It's been such a long time never got time to meet them. 

Till then, 
Oh yes! Pink is my choice! 
The whole package comes with these~ Including the 8GB memory card, leather camera bag, Exilim selfie stick selling at MYR1699 ONLY!

Below will be showing some sample pictures I took with my new love - EX ZR3500 <3 

Snapping details #1 - CHECKED 

#2 Details


Low light selfie #1 - CHECKED

#2 Selfie 

Daylight selfie - CHECKED

Backlight shooting - CHECKED *there's a little defection in the photo coz some dust stick on the lens, no worry*

Now tell me how can I not fall in love with it. It fulfilled my every need actually. Can't believe it can be so good in every range, plus, at this reasonable price T.T. 
Another thing I love about this camera is it have a super convenient function that allows us to transfer photo directly to our smartphone AUTOMATICALLY! It's a whole new level of connecting between camera and phone guys! 
Pls~ bare with me! You gonna love it when you try it! Stay with me cause I will be blogging about all the features and more sample photos in part 2 <3 



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