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7 September 2015

All about my Pinky ZR3500 Vol.1

Hello guys! Welcome back again, i'm here today to share with you my second post for my Casio EX-ZR3500 :) I hope you are waiting for this or else I no mood to continue LOL
It's 7pm on Wednesday and im all alone in Coffee Bean doing this. Is like finally im done with today's job and time to relax with a cup of my fav Caramel Macchiato ^^ Its been so long since the last time I sitting down in coffee shop to enjoy blogging T.T fml
So yes, time to blog some basic function in ZR3500. It is basically an user-friendly camera with verysimple buttons. I've mention some of the main functions in my previous post HERE but today I will talk more details about it.

Love it more day after day <3 

There is another way to switch your camera on other than the usual on/off button that every camera has! Simply flip up the view screen and it will automatically TURN ON. I never know bout this ever since I got it until one day Sheryn tried it on and she found out this special features. LOL

Second thing about this camera is the Motion Shutter feature. If you're Exilim camera series fans, you probably know about this special features. It allows you to remote your camera hands-free and also without any self-timer setting. Simply WAVE to your flip screen and it will automatically capture photo! That is why we call it selfie camera maa~

Third thing which also my favorite part of wave wave hand thing, then this one should be the best for you! No awkward moment while selfie~ hehe

So many choices of shutter how can you don selfie?! For those who don't think selfie is fun, make no excuse anymore! LETS SELFIE~

Anti Shake features setting up~ 

Select P --> Go to Menu 
Choose either one base on how shaky is your hand LOL. I will recommend you to use this setting during night time or in low light situation.

Perfectly fit in your handbags cause its super handy and light in weight :)

And here comes the selfie stick. It come together in the package with your purchase. I think this is the most good looking selfie stick i've ever seen so far! Looking so professional and stylish in gold color ^^ You can also attach this selfie stick with any camera that is below 0.3kg.

It can extend up to 50cm long and with the built in wide angle lens, I think its enough for group selfie :) 

So here is for today. Please stay with me for my 3rd post about ZR3500. Will focus more on the beauty mode and etc.


Vivian Yuen said...

Love the colour of your camera!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


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