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22 September 2015

Favourite silk mask of the month

Before I continue with my third ZR3500 camera review, I would like to share with you guys about my recent favourite silk mask :) I've tried a few brands of silk mask before but unfortunately they din't impress me until I found Anaria Future Collagen Silk Mask. I can see the difference of my skin condition after one use! This is impressive~~ 

Anaria Future Collagen Silk Mask is a high-end skincare product from France certified by 126 CPRS tests, and its PHP mild that applicable to any skin types including sensitive skin like mine. It comes in a glass tube bottle that protect the silk mask perfectly. It contained 6 bottle in one box and each bottle pack with another small box packaging.

The silk mask sheet its made of French origin silkworm's silk. Silkworm's silk main composition is protein, its nutrients enhance human skin vitality. Its fibroin and sericin content almost 20 types of amino acids, the content of glycine and analine were significantly higher than the other silkworm's silk is known as "diamond" in the silk category and is famous in European Aristocracy. 

Full details and direction of Anaria Future silk mask written clearly at the back of the package box.

Very simple steps on how to use it :) 

Carefully open the sealed tube cap

Remove the bottle cap 

Slowly pull out the silk mask with the cliper provided.

And apply evenly on face.

The silk mask is thin and can occupied the whole face evenly. 

I just had my 3rd times of Q-Switch skin laser at AO Klinik and doctor said I have to apply hydrating mask for almost one week to keep my skin moisture all the time. Laser thing had my skin too dry >< 
But Anaria Future just came in the perfect time! I used it everyday for the whole week and it really got my skin hydrated! ^^

Moisture and smooth silky skin hehehe. Truly a silk mask that worth to try cause im gonna get my second box soon! hehehe

Here is some before after tested on different skin types. 

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Good Luck! 

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Carrie Lee said...
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Sookfeng said...

I want Anaria Future V9D Collegen Silk Mask because I have a oily and acne skin. The before and after photos on blog surprised me which proven significant changes after applied a complete solution dazzling test tube mask. With the given chance, I hope to win this to try it on my oily face which I still finding solution for it. The ingredients are made from natural products like flowers and oil which I am a natural lovers. This product is also extra unordinary from other mask which comes in pack or in jar which I ever seen. I really hope to win this product and wish me good luck!

Vivian Yuen said...

Your skin looks amazing!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


Miss JasJas said...

I want Anaria Future V9D Collagen Silk Mask because I have sensitive skin. I am so so excited to apply the mask on my face as the before and after photos surprised me and yet the test tube mask so so special too. I really hope I am one of the winners <3

E-mail :

HuiHong L. said...

I wanna win Anaria Future V9D Collagen Silk Mask because I can't wait to clear away the acne on my face and regain confidence again!

Anonymous said...

Looking for silk mask that can go off well with my face serum & skincare ampoules from germany. Glad to read on this from your website.

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