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14 October 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File Review

Do you have cracked skin on your feet? No matter is serious crack or minor crack, it is ugly! Especially when you are a sandal kinda person, hard skin tends to build up very often. I used to see pretty girls wearing beautiful high heels but they have cracked skin at the back of their heel :/ It really doesn’t look healthy at all. I guess most of us tend to have less emphasis on our feet because we think no one would take notice of them!

However, we should really put more effort to keep our feet healthy and smooth! Not to say paying extra money for pedicure service at the salon like every month la~ because we can now do it at home! Scholl has launched a product the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi which can easily remove all the dead skin and return you a smooth silky feet :)

#SchollMY’s latest innovation keeps your hard skin at bay! Coined the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - it is the simplest yet handy electronic foot file is designed for ease of use.


This has been the best device way to remove hard skin so far cause it’s electronic! Simply roll over to the hard skin area and it will help you buff away all of them~ Way better than manual foot file / pumice stone!

Here is the roller head, with microgranulate particles that works amazingly on our feet in just one use. ^^

You can wash and replace a new roller head too! They are easily attainable in the major pharmacies in Malaysia.

This is how you remove the roller head. Pretty easy one! 

Before we get started. Kindly remove both cards at the battery :)

On / Off switch at both side. Easy for you to use with both hands :) Very thoughtful~

Let us begin with the experiment! hehehe

My right feet. I wear sneakers most of the time so I think the condition is not too bad yet

Simply the easiest way to get your feet pampered without heading out for any pedicure service which cost quite a lot LOL 

My calluses~ 

Right after one use! I’m very amazed by the result ~ My skin looks extra supple and smooth now! How can you not fall in love with this @.@

And then the protection cover is here for you to cover up and bring it wherever you go! 

Easy peasy~ 

Seriously I like this! Should get my parents to try it too~ You can get it at any pharmacy retail including Watson & Guardian. For more information and beauty tips on how to care for your feet, log on to

You can now get the #SchollMY Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at RM135.20 only! Get it first before sold out~ You can also purchase ONLINE here : with additional 5% OFF by using promo code : SCHSOU

Promo ends 31st October 2015


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