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20 October 2015

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

You know sometimes applying skincare by hand is not enough. We do not know is the nutrient fully absorb deep into our skin or it just remain on the surface. If you go for facial you probably understand how machines or device can works better. With vibration, infrared or LED lights will helps skin absorb nutrient better.
One thing you should know, device with lights cost a lot and not everyone can afford that price. Hence we can go for vibration applicator. It also works to help skin absorb skincare with vibration and also massage. 

I think you guys should not feel strange about the brand name Pobling. They came out with few product like facial cleansing machines and more. Most of the product has been selling so so good in the market! 

Im so glad that Pobling has launched their new device. Call it the Mini Ion Applicator. Its kinda like massager and it comes in super light weight and handy size. No other charger or cable needed, all you need is one AAA battery. Besides it does not have switch on/off button, it will automatically start working while you contact it with your skin. This is brilliant thou!  

Here we have another awesome creature from the Pobling! ^^

Fully imported and made in Korea.

This is the place where you replace your AAA battery. Just one is enough :) 

Remember to turn the handle cover to the correct side to close the cover tight.

There you go! And lets start our massage moment~

Apply skincare evenly to your skin and start massage lightly with Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. You can feel skin are more moisture than before in just one used. I like to use it while watching series drama at night after mask! hehe Oh ya, other than skincare, you can also use it after you peel of your mask sheet. Just let it helps you to absorb more nutrient from your mask. 

Special thanks to HERMO for sending this to me! Price selling at RM85 in retail but HERMO have the special promo period until end of this month. Discounted price will be at RM68 ONLY! 

I heard that its always out of stock during last month and thanks god its finally back in stock! Please head up to link below and buy one for yourself! Truly worth with the price! 

HERMO direct link : 


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