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28 December 2015

Shop with SHOPEE

Its been such a hectic week for me on the last whole week. Got tons of meeting with people, xmas exchange gift party and went down all the way to KL for a magazine shoot :)
Thanks got that I manage to be home on xmas eve and spend some quality time with my parents. Yea I know they miss me alot heh. Besides, I also finally got time to sit down and start blogging at this hour.
As you can see from the title, tonight is all about SHOPPING~~~! I guess the new trend now is shopping On-Apps instead of website shopping right? To me, apps is much easier and fast. Everything is just so fast with just few touch away!
I had my very first selling & buying experience with Shopee last few weeks. I never thought that shopping can be so easy nowadays.
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew that I joined Fashion Fiesta 4.0 bazaar at Gurney Paragon last few weeks. For your info, Shopee is one of the main sponsor for this event and this is why I get to use Shopee apps for the very first time as a seller :)

So this is my super oily and sticky hair during Fashion Fiesta 4.0 
(Spot the Shopee board stand behind me)

The reason why im writting this is that I want to share with you my experience selling on Shopee. One thing that i'm impressed with is really just few touch away to get your product uploaded! I uploaded all Dovey Diary products for the event in less than 1 hour. Yes I did it on the spot during the event hehe~ 

So this is the actual Apps logo :) Find it on your apps store and download now cause you gonna love it.

Basically Shopee is an Apps that allow users to Sell or Buy things online without paying for website. Its fast a quick. Just like the other Apps, first you will need to register no matter you want to be the seller or buyer. 

Here is my account. As you can see, everything is so clear with all the buttons. You can even track your total sales at My Sales column. And for the Seller Assistant allow you to check your overall products quantity, your customer's details, and order details etc.

These are some of the product I uploaded. You can even chat with your customer for dealing with products :)

Honestly, I enjoy being a selling on Shopee cause it makes shopping easier. And another thing is the speed of uploading product is superb! Very fast like just in few second your product will live online. I like this apps. And as for a buyers, you just have to key in once of your mailing details on your profile and it will automatically there for your next purchase with other sellers. 

I guess most of you might thinking wanna start up a business now right? Join me! Do it at Shopee mobile apps and start making moneyyyyyyy~~~ 

Sorry to bring in another oily and sticky person here! hahaha 
Hi Wind :) 

Watch videos of Shopee on YouTube 

For first time user on Shopee, Discount code : MONTLICIOUS to get RM20 off of your purchase with minimum spend RM50 in the apps. For one time use only :) Not available for vouchers, tickets, mobil top-ups and bills payment category.

Limited to the first 200 users only. Expiry 10th Jan 2016, 11.59pm


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