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10 February 2016

Bring family to watch The Monkey King 2

CNY is here!! This year CNY seems come a bit too fast and I couldn’t get myself prepare for this festive yet. But it’s okay because I get a long one week holiday!! What’s the best thing you can do during CNY is eat eat eat and eat! Just keep calm and eat everything LOL

Besides, I would go for movies with my family which is another good choice :) So I decided to bring mama and papa for The Monkey King 2 today ^^ Monkey King has been one of my favourite drama since childhood. Especially growing up watching the tvb series of the Journey to the West I was really excited for this movie because of the cast who were acting in this movie!  So who is the ‘The Monkey King’? It’s my favourite actor Aaron Kwok!!! How can I miss out on watching my favourite star in action?!

Popcorn is a must 

First time buy movie ticket for my parents, so gonna record it! LOL

Tickets for 4 ~ my Bae wanted to tag along too

#原來我媽也愛郭富城 Mama was happy because I think this is the first time I took her on a movie date hahaha! Sorry mama I thought you don't like to watch movie >< I will date you more!

Show mama the trailer before the movie start, well at least she know the story first haha

Papa was camera shy T.T He didn’t wanna take pic with us so bae stepped in.

They gonna finish my popcorn before movie ><''

The graphics of this movie was good and the story line was well played out. And my Aaron did so well in playing Monkey King <3 definitely another CNY must watch movie! Bringing my parents for the movie sure wasn’t a bad idea for me~ I should plan more in the future ^^ Well I’m the only one left staying with them ah hahaha

P/s: So nice movie, my papa sleep ah!!!  =='' taoyan!

Quickly go grab your family and watch The Monkey King 2 because it’s an awesome action packed movie this CNY, you really won’t want to MISS this!


Watch the movie trailer here :


Vivian Yuen said...

Such a cute way to celebrate!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


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