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12 August 2016

August in Taipei

This was totally an impromptu decision. Made up my mind in just a day and got air ticker booked on the next day and yes im flying to Taipei LOL. Not sure if you know, Sheryn is there for her first working holiday. She chooses Taipei cause she likes it there =.= Well, as a sis, I should pay a visit right? So she is one of the biggest reason why im there! *she needs me* hahaha
So in this post I not gonna write much, cause nothing much to write >< Just photo streaming alright!

See her happy face

I thought its a big cup =.=

Hotel lounge corner is so pretty!

Dongqu - Shopping time!

Cafe hopping day!
Rainbow Holiday Cafe & Bar 

Yum Yum Deli 



Everywhere is a spot for photo heh
So basically here are the places I visit during this 4 days. A very casual one. Im happy to have the people i love around. Thanks for the day off and companion <3 XOXO


Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly can i know what cam did you use in our taipei trip ya...
Regards, Evvie

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