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25 May 2016

Forever Young (Product Review)

I've heard a lot about FOREVER YOUNG lately, it's actually one of the well known skincare brand in Asia, especially in Thailand. Many celebrity are using it. The main selling point of this of this brand is that they mainly focus on brightening skin.
I'm so glad to get picked by the company itself to write a review for their products. I been wanting to try them for so long and finally im using them now! hehe I felt kinda sorry cause this post took me quite a long time to done >< I actually really do try on them for a month so that I can tell how is the feeling after using them.

I receive 2 products in total which also their popular product. 

Left : Boosting Mask 
Right : White Active Radiance 

Phytocelltec Alp Rose Facial Cell Boosting Mask.

I think the name is too long and hard to remember >< but u can always tell the name of Boosting Mask and i'm sure everyone calls it this way. It is actually some kind of sleeping mask where your skin cell can work with it while you're in sleep. I don't use it every night as I afraid that might too moisture for my skin. Alternately use with other products, usually apply 3 to 4 times in a week. 
The result is visible and i really see my face become brighter in the next morning!

It comes in gel / cream texture where is quite rich in moisture. Don't worry cause its super fast absorb. You won't feel sticky while you sleep :) Apply before bed and wash out with plain water on the next morning. The main effect of this boosting mask is, it may brighten your skin overnight, pore minimise, reduce dark spots, and acne.

White Active Radiance

This is a day & night protector. Use it during day and night :) The main effect is anti-aging, whitening, and pore minimized. The texture is more on gel type, its watery and easy to absorb. Besides, what I like about this product is that it will control oil during the day. Make up stays longer and lesser oil shine even stay up late. I use it every morning! Night time alternately use with other night cream. 

Both of the product are mainly made from florals, example like rose, waterlily, orchid and more. It's safe and full with plant's nourishment. I like skincare that comes with floral smells, especially rose. It works in calming and relaxing. Well you know we girl enjoy the moment when apply skincare right? Makes everything better! 

Did you know that orchid actually works the best effect in firming and skin tightening? White Active Radiance contains orchid extract where helps to firm up our skin in the most natural way and improve collagen synthesis as well. 

This is one of the customer feedback. Result is quite fast and obvious @.@ For my skin, what I can see is my skin turns out brighter these days and pores on my cheek doesn't seems so obvious anymore. I think it works quite ok to my sensitive skin anyway.

More info you can always reach them : 
FACEBOOK : Forever Young Skin
INSTAGRAM : Foreveryoungmsia


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