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10 December 2012

Loading my first Lomography

I've been learning and exploring on how to play with a analogue camera lately. On few weeks back, me and blanco decided to bring "them" out and start our Penang One Day Shoot LOL. So we like drive and stop at the places that might have good spots. As you know Penang is a very beautiful place ^^ especially for photoshoot!
Its been so long since few years past, we went to the Chew Jetty again! It already became a HOT SPOT for tourist. Very nice art paint and lotsa stall doing business there :) very happening!! Glad to be Penangite!

Equipment of the day! 
#1 Fisheye Baby 110 
2# Lomo LC-Wide

Stall that sells the notebooks, calenders and magnets with all the famous wall paint printed! Lovely~

Homemade Aiyu ice!!!! My fav!

The happy girl with plum ice tube hehehe

Looking forward what is the outcome of our whole day working so hard under the big sun?! LOL Actually I quite happy and satisfied with the outcome lah, after all is my first time playing with toy cameras :)

Baby Fisheye 110
I love the whole packaging so much like SERIOUSLY!

Just imagine how petite is it XD 

Here are result photo that shoot by Baby Fisheye 110
I love Baby Fisheye 110 so so much because its cute like a toy and small like a cupcake @.@ lol. Thus, is very easy to use as well! So start from now, i'll always keep my mini cam in my bag and bring it wherever I go! And of course i'll learn on how to improve my skills too~ Hope can play like a pro in the future!!


Result using Lomo LC-Wide! I play alot of multiple exposes here ^^ 
Best shot!!!
About LC-Wide, the size more like normal compact camera size. It can play a little more cause you can change frame and the super wide angle lens is what I love it the most ^^ More, if you like to play multiple expose like me then this cam suits you best!

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Anonymous said...

may i know where the aiyu ice place is? Anne <3 thank u :)

anerly said...

Anne: Chew Jetty penang :)

Anonymous said...

May I know your height? :)

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