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8 January 2013

Look back 2012

What've I done in year 2012 ?!

Today I would like to do a sum up of 2012, see what have I done or any improvement perhaps. I think 2012 was quite good to me, unlike 2011 was a bad bad year that full of sickness. Sigh! So here is the 10 highlight I wish to share with you.

1# I'm glad that im still operating Chakaboo and it's growing!!! Cause normally im kind of person that will easily give up in something that stressed me out. But this is my dream so I will continue and make it better and better!!!

2# I finally step out my first step in the social world @.@ well actually not to say that im an anti-social but i just kind of afraid to make new friends in real *oh well I can crap alot with new friends in the www* lol. Guess i've been staying in the comfort zone for too long. I NEED TO BE A SPORTY PERSON! Seriously, I don't really know how to start a conversation with a new met person, all I feel is AWKWARD! But finally I think I made my little step out of this cause I joined events alone for few times hehehe
New friends in 2012 Happy to know them :)

3# Away from home to another country for more that 20days! If u follow my blog, u should know that I went to China for more than 20days...leaving in other people country isn't that easy! You have to get used to their culture, food, and the way they speak. Seriously, they speak louder than us X100!! >< Yet, I gained a great experience through out the period.
our hair still short that time hahaahahha

4# Finally bought flight ticket to TOKYO, JAPAN!! It's really a sudden plan, at first we plan to go either HongKong or Bangkok..end up the plan did a huge change! So finally our first trip in year 2013 coming real sooooon~ Guess there will be lots of first experience there hehe

 5# Had my first fine dining with blanco...yes yes it was my first time =.= happy that Machalister Mansion serve vegetarian dinner set..else I don't know when I can have fine dine with him.

6# For the very first time I receive emails regarding sponsorships and reviews! Seriously I don't expect this could happen to me as i'm not an expert blogger or very famous either. But I feel so great and thankful to clients that being so good to me and guess we are still working good, are we? hehehe I hope there is more to come cause I really enjoy sharing stuffs to all of you. ^^

7# I joined RCFX on the end of 2012. It's a Forex group that is strong and reliable :) And so far i've earn $$$ as the extra expenses for shopping and stuff! XD Feel so lucky cause I join this earlier...

8# Finally bought myself a whole new camera! Been wanted this camera since the day I first saw my friend using.

9# Me and blanco were doing so great through out the year, we communicate well. We speaks every good or bad thing to each other and of course this we will keep on moving to achieve the life we wanted.

10# My family and friends were all doing great as well! Especially my brother who lives in sister in law was pregnant back in September2012! Is their very first baby and is a babyboy!!! How sweettt! Im so so so happy for them and wish that I could soon visit them!

Ermmm.....guess is enough cause for today, I can only think this far lol somemore I felt I write too long d LOL. Hope you guys are all doing great. No matter good or bad, its still gonna end someday. Do the best in presently, look back and see how far you've been through and be proud cause you came this far. Nothing more, hopefully 2013 will be good to me and for sure I will work harder. Setting more and more target to achieve XD 


Kharn Yee said...

I am interest in attend event too. Mind to tell me how to know what event is going on and how to get invite? I have the same thought like yours, I want to be more socialise. hehe. Sorry for my impertinent curiosity.

Carrie Lee said...

Anerly, u r a vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

Pretty, i'm interested in the FOREX you involved. How to star it.

Anonymous said...

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