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6 January 2014

Travel Shanghai 2013 Day3

Finally the last post of my Shanghai trip back in 2013. Can't believe im still left out Chiangmai trip entry to post up T.T Im so sorryyy~~ Will try my best to post up soon!
So here is the last post about Shanghai :) A relaxing day. We went back to TianZiFang 田子坊 once again!! Really miss that place since we went first on day1 LOL Get to try one of the cafe there~ We swear that will come back for this cafe and we made it!! hahahaha

This is another entrance of TianZiFang. Much nicer!! :D 

We did a walk before head to the cafe...

 Spotted a cute stall selling waffles~ 

Cow wannabe =.=

Our strawberry banana waffle! Nice one!

Teddy bear shop + cafe!

Tadaaa!! Finally reach our destination~ 黛麗歐式咖啡館 DaiLi Coffe Shop
I love vintage menu

A very relaxing ambiance and weather 

The food was nice too! We spent 2 hours in there with just chilling around :) 

I was not really in mood that morning due to menstrual hit! This thing really spoilt my mood. Always bother me when I'm on holiday >< FML! I went back to hotel right after visiting cafe T.T Should really take a nap and some medicine...I don't wish my day end with this damn thing! LOL 

After about 2 hours nap. Im back with energy!! Start our night tour around The Bund :) 

Waited few minutes just to snap these words! Wo Ai Shanghai <3

Fav pic <3 

Then, we headed to MCM retail nearby~ Turn ON the shopping mode ^^

It's get a little hot in there...Blanco bought me a MCM belt as a whatever reason gift XD 

Giant MCM bunny!

That was day3 in Shanghai. What about the leaving day4? hehehe! We went to Oriental Pearl Tower early morning before the flight. How can we missed this must go tower?!

Everyone was so excited about it! 

I couldn't describe how frighten I was!! >< I totally can't look down without holding something 

Like finally I get seated and then....I can't stand up -.- My leg was shaking!


So proud of myself!! I can even snap a video for instagram and shooting this photo with my eyes looking down like that @.@ 

Passed by a Coca Cola cafe when leaving the tower. Then straight back to hotel and ready for our flight :( 4 days isn't enough!!! Will definitely come back again ^^ This was a relaxing trip ever although we din't really travel around but we manage to spent quality time to just walking around and chill at a coffee shop :) No rush here and there for next viewpoint. Till then, above is the last post for Shanghai. Hopefully there will be a next time to this beautiful yet busy city <3 
Next will be Chiangmai. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly
I love all the photos that you have taken ^^
Can i know what mode you usually using for your sony nex ???

Chiew Nee said...

love all the photos u took, so nice!!! ^^

Heaven Knows

Hanna Lei said...

This looks so cool! -Hanna Lei

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